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From The Damage-Opposites Attract-World Castle Publishing.

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Young, rookie counselors Brett and Daphne are up for a challenge, but they soon discover the problems that bring eight troubled youths to their support group at the Discover-U Center are much more devastating than your run of the mill teen angst.



Kelly Foster's always been reserved and shy, so when she's sent to group therapy and is assigned to be Gage Miller's 'backup buddy', she thinks she's gotten a raw deal. But as she digs deeper beneath his tough surface, she realizes there's much more to him than meets the eye—and she just might like what she sees…

Blatantly sarcastic and rough around the edges, Gage is only in group therapy so he doesn't go to jail. But he isn't your average bad boy—he's a single father desperately trying to shed his sordid past to forge a better future for his daughter. And he's definitely not thrilled to be paired up with Kelly, the preppy snob. But surprisingly, she finds a place in his cold heart, even though he'd never admit it. But when he finally learns the heartbreaking secret that landed her in group therapy, will it bring them together or drive them apart?


Inner Demons-World Castle Publishing

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Inner Demons



Jasmine Denton



Some people are born with a monster inside of them.

Nobody knows this better than Caine McKay, a high school student harboring a dark secret. Those anger issues of his, they’re not only scary—they’re lethal. If Caine loses his temper, he loses the human part of himself and bulks out Mr. Hyde style.


When his father is sent to jail, Caine moves from Chicago to a small town to live with his kindhearted grandmother. Struggling to control his violent alter-ego, he tries to start a new life and forget the tragic circumstances that brought him to Tree Hollow. When he meets Hannah, the local preacher’s daughter, he finds an unexpected ally. Her belief in hope and second chances give him the anchor he needs to keep his anger rooted, and before long, Caine is completely attracted to her.


Then he wakes up one morning covered in blood, with no memory of what happened. He seeks Hannah’s comfort, only to find that she hates him. As Caine scrambles to uncover the repressed memory and piece together the night he can’t remember, other buried memories surface—including one that could be the key to everything that’s happening to him.


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Soul of the Sea-kNight Romance Publishing

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Soul of The Sea by Jasmine Denton


Book 1 of the Cursed of the Sea Saga


Releasing 6/15/2011


ISBN: 978983129721


Trade Paperback and Ebook




Under the ocean's waves, off the coast of Harmony Harbor a dark secret is about to unfold. Only few know the truth. Only a few know of its existence.


Seventeen-year-old Mykaela Whindom is rescued from the treacherous seas, but finds her best friend didn't survive the tragic accident. It's a secret she's determined to keep.


Dylan, the mysterious stranger who rescues Mykaela, hides more than her secret, but it's just a matter of time before his own dark secret is revealed. A secret that is so dark, it may cost Mykaela her life.


The quiet little town of Harmony Harbor is thrown into shock when bodies of young women wash ashore. Some believe it's a serial killer. Dylan knows the truth.


The dark secret of Mykaela's family is revealed, The Hunters. The ones who hunt down and kill Dylan's kind.


Can Dylan outrun his past in time to stop the killings? Or will Mykaela become the next victim in


the Souls of the Sea?


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