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What Readers Say about From the Damage 

Opposites Attract Reviews
 From Catie Vargas "Forbidden Passion Reviews"  Well all I know is that this novel is fantastic. I love the eight characters I was introduced to in this novel. All eight characters have a secret that they are trying to hide from everyone else in the group. All of the characters are all very much developed. It is hard not to find yourself hurting along with them and being happy when they are happy. I really felt bad for Kelly and Gage. I hope they can find true happiness as the series goes on. I really liked where the Authors took us in this book. It is nice for a change to see the real life problems of normal teenagers. I can not wait to see where the authors take me in the next book.
From Lunamoth "Opposites Attract"
When I read the premise I was figured the book was going to be all about Kelly and Gage, but in fact it shows sides of more people than just those two.

The book revolves around a group of teens in therapy for various reasons, I found these reasons both realistic and interesting. I wont give anything away but some of the reasons are: A shooting in a school, an abusive father, an abortion and others.

The characters mesh well, even the consular has her own reasons for helping the kids. Every personality is different and adds too the book. I liked them all and I felt for everyone of them. I just wish we got to know even more of the characters lives. Hopefully this will be remedied in the next book. Speaking of the next book, wow! The ending to Opposites Attract was a real cliffhanger, not a bad one but one that makes you want to read the sequel and I defiantly will.

For a real fiction teen book, there is not a whole bunch of grittiness to it, yes there are teen issues (some that make you want to applaud the person some that you want to smack them for) but its not extremely raw or hard-edged. However, it is a good read and I look forward to continuing the character's story.
From Erin Chambers
 The Denton sisters have their hands full in this bold story of six troubled teenagers in a support group - especially considering that this is a short ebook... But it seems that this is a first book in a series, maybe? And, with future installments, a possible love triangle would not surprise me.

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