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Inner Demons (Volume 1) Coming May 15, 2011! 

Some people are born with a monster inside of them.

Nobody knows this better than Caine McKay, a high school student harboring a dark secret. Those anger issues of his, they’re not only scary—they’re lethal.

When his father is sent to jail, Caine moves from Chicago to a small town to live with his kindhearted grandmother. Struggling to control his violent alter-ego, he tries to start a new life and forget the tragic circumstances that brought him to Tree Hollow, but he fears the monster inside him will break loose. He finds an unexpected ally in Hannah, the local preacher’s daughter. Her belief in hope and second chances give him the anchor he needs to keep his anger rooted, and before long, Caine is completely attracted to her. But will her friendship take him on a road to redemption, or will it tear his world apart?




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