Jasmine Denton

writer, chronic procrastinator and lover of all things fiction

Coming Clean 

Coming October 15, 2011!!! 



Known as the golden boy of Clearwater High, to the outside world it seems like Alex Walker has it all: wealth, popularity, a rockin’ sports car. But maintaining his ‘perfect life’ came with an incredible cost, one that still haunts him. Now, he attempts to make amends with the girl he hurt the most, but what might be harder is forgiving himself. 

Meagan Parker’s life was shattered when she fell victim to a violent attack from a classmate. Struggling to pick up the pieces, she finds solace in fellow support group member Ryder. He’s strong, protective and loyal, everything she needs right now. But someone is watching her, taunting her, stalking her, and he’s not about to let her be with another guy. 


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