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Content Warning: violence 
3 stars 

Yes, I am a fan of the Hulk - the big green one. Look at the cover for this book! When I was first asked to review this book, I was excited. Would this be a telling of when the Hulk was a teenager? What I discovered was the story of Caine, heartbreaking and yet redeeming. 

Caine reveres his father. He adores his father. His father is everything to him and as you read his story and experience his flashbacks, you understand why. It's no wonder that he and his dad move from town to town and state to state to keep people from knowing the truth about Caine. A monster lives inside of him - a genetic one. Then, one night and one wrong word and Caine's father is in jail and Caine is moving - alone. The town is small, very small, and Caine knows that someone will remember why he and his dad left years ago. But as time passes, Caine lets his guard down and befriends Hannah - kind, beautiful, generous, and already taken. 

As I read about these two befriending each other, Caine getting homework help and Hannah exploring the world away from her preacher father's eyes, I got a sense of foreboding that things were not going to go well - for Caine. I was right. He's the bad boy, the one she's supposed to stay away from and while I really wanted to like her, I couldn't believe she had a boyfriend she wouldn't dump for him. Really, I was mad at her for that. When Hannah finally came to her senses, circumstances got in the way pulling them apart. Caine woke up covered in blood with no memory of why. (Read the full review here)

Rating: 4 Cups

Coming back to live with his kindly grandmother in Tree Hollow is difficult for Caine McKay. But, with his mom in a mental institution and his dad in prison, Caine has little choice in the matter. He fears the rage inside him – the uncontrollable demon that lurks under his skin.

Tree Hollow is a small, tight-knit community. The preacher’s daughter, Hannah, is the first to befriend Caine. However, her long-time boyfriend, Andy, is jealous and taunts him.

He had felt safe and protected constantly moving about the country with his father, now he feels only despair and dreads that the monster inside him will break out. Then something horrible happens, of which Caine has no memory, that devastates and terrifies Hannah. Finally, Caine must face his darkest fears.

The sinister sense of dark foreboding is intricately woven throughout this short tale. I could not help but feel a deep empathy for Caine. As the story moves along, bits and pieces of his sordid history are dredged up. There are tantalizing undercurrents that hint at the awful truth but, it is not until the very end when it all finally becomes clear and Caine grasps salvation.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More

Catie Vargas "Forbidden Passion Reviews" 5 Star

5 stars 



Well I for one loved this novella. I loved the character of Caine McKay, the Author Jasmine Denton did an absolutely wonderful job of portraying an angry young man who does not know why he is angry. Which I can relate to him because I too was always angry as a teen and I never wanted to talk about anything. Caine was beautifully written in my eyes, I also loved seeing him grow up and change through out the novel. I cried when he cried, I was happy when he was happy, I found myself angry when he was upset. This author displayed the emotions of a troubled teenager perfectly. I can not wait to see what the future holds in store for Caine McKay. Please do read this book you will not be disappointed.
Paranormal Romance Guild's 4 star review: 

 Caine McKay has not had an easy life. He and his father have moved from home to home never staying anywhere very long. Caine’s mother is living in an Mental Institution for problems, and now his father has been arrested and sent to prison. At 17 years old Caine can’t live alone, so he is sent to live with his Grams in his father’s home town of Tree Hollow. The people of Tree Hollow know Caine’s family’s dirty little secrets. Will they accept him? Can he learn to understand and control his unusually extreme anger?

Written from Caine’s perspective, this is an easy book to read. From the very first sentence we are pulled into Caine’s mind and know we are in for something different. The author seamlessly takes us from Caine’s memories to current events with no problem. The story builds slowly, giving the reader time to get involved with the characters and their lives. I could easily picture the town of Tree Hollow and felt comfortable in Grams’ house. I could feel the wind in my hair as Caine flew on his motorcycle down country roads and I felt the peace he felt when just sitting with Hannah under a tree. There is a little mystery here; what is the story of Caine’s family and why is he afraid of his anger? Hints are given and we slowly get glimpses that there may be more involved here than the usual teenage angst.
I enjoyed this book, the target audience is obviously young adult, but it’s written in an intelligent style that does not talk down to the reader. As a mother of a son, my heart broke over Caine’s pain of separation from his father. As a person who moved often as a child and teenager, I could relate to Caine’s first day at a new school and his discovery of a new town.
 I must admit, I did keep wondering what was up with his worry about his anger. He is often thinking about it, but we don’t really get any evidence of it until about 60% through the book. Up to that point, I was thinking what is the big deal, and was feeling a little mislead by the cover of the book. That small point aside, this is an enjoyable story that will certainly appeal to the young adult reader of contemporary paranormal/romance. There is no strong language or anything more than heated kissing scenes, there is some violence but it’s not explicitly described. Somewhere between a novella and a full length novel, I read the book in an afternoon. I recommend Inner Demons to anyone who enjoys a good story of a young man’s coming of age, with a twist.


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