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Forbidden Passions review of Soul of the Sea

5 stars
In the hauntingly beautiful novel I was immediately immersed into this beautifully written masterpiece. This novel wonderful characters that I wish existed in my world. I was completely enamored by the beautiful world that I saw unfold before my very eyes. I could not help wishing the best for all of the characters. This wonderfully novel brought out emotions in me that a novel has not done in awhile. This novel has everything that I was looking for in a great read. The characters were very well written and I got to watch then grow so much from the beginning until the end, the plot was fast paced and the mythology is like nothing that I have read before. I would defiantly read this book again in the near future. I can not wait for the next book in the series so that I can see what this wonderful author has in store for us next.

Romancing the Book's review of Soul of the Sea

From the first lines, Jasmine Denton pulls you into the story literally with hands made of seawater and even though you are drowning in the words, you never want to catch your breath.

Mykaela’s life is saved, but why? Why did Dylan save her and not Charity? What secrets are swirling around her and why does she keep hearing an eerie call, a song enticing her to the sea when she can’t even swim? All these questions and more swirls around in this story. The multiple points of view in this book add to the overall setting of how vast the secrets are. It’s as if everyone around her has an ulterior motive even family, the dead and living.

Jasmine does a tremendous job establishing characters that pull you in and make you root for them even when you think they are bad…truly the talent of a great author. While there are many questions that we have already established in this book unlike most books they are all answered but one. What is that one question? You’ll have to read to find out.

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